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Kaikōura Visitor Spend Statistics YE October 2019

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Kaikōura Visitor Spend Trends YE October 2019

Source: MBIE Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates, Year-end October 2019

Comparing Kaikōura Annual Visitor Spend YE October 2019 to pre-quake YE October 2016.

  • Kaikōura Annual Total Visitor Spend -0.5%
  • Kaikōura Annual Domestic Visitor Spend up 8.1%
  • Kaikōura Annual International Visitor Spend -7.2%


When comparing Year- end October 2019 to YE October 2016 pre-quake, we’ve just slipped -0.5% behind annual visitor spend. The result is not unexpected due to less NCTIR workers, markets plateauing/beginning to reflect normal visitor flows and the continual non-performance of China.

Looking at Kaikōura’s latest annual visitor spend trends YE October 2019 shows a total spend of $119m which is still good growth 15.6% compared to YE October 2018. Although the international market is still slightly behind pre-quake -7.2%, these markets are performing well with strong growth of 25% over the last twelve months.

The annual domestic visitor spend makes up for international market with 8.1% growth compared to YE October 2016 pre-quake.

Graph 1.0 Kaikōura Annual Visitor Spend $M YE October 2014- 2019

Although, YE October 2019 international visitor spend is still slightly behind pre-quake -7.2%, we continue seeing an upward trend for Kaikōura annual international visitor spend over the past 12-months which is encouraging.

The UK ($11m), USA ($8m) Germany ($11m) and the rest of Europe ($13) markets continue to exceed pre-quake visitor spend. Australia ($8m) is still slightly behind pre-quake and has seen growth over the past 12 months. China and the rest of Asia market is yet to return to pre-quake visitor spend values. The rest of Asia is showing 8.3% growth compared to YE Oct 2018 and we’re hoping to see these markets return this season.

Graph 2.0 Kaikōura Annual International Visitor Spend YE October 2014 – 2019

Domestic visitor spend YE October 2019 was $57 million which exceeded the former high in 2016 of $53 million with an increase of 8.1%. Over the past twelve months, domestic spend increased by 6.9%. From a domestic perspective, some good growth over two years reflecting the huge domestic marketing investment Destination Kaikoura has with recovery marketing funds. Marlborough, Nelson and Tasman regions are performing well with higher visitor spend in Kaikoura now than pre-quake.

Graph 3.0 Kaikōura Annual Domestic Visitor Spend $M YE October 2014 – 2019

Graph 4.0 Kaikōura International & Domestic Annual Visitor spend $M YE October 2014 – 2019

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