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Kaikōura packs a punch regarding activity on land and in the ocean. This popular town is world-renowned for its tourism activities and Kai Moana (seafood) but imagine visiting this town and leaving with more than you came.

Hunting, fishing, and foraging


Kaikōura is a mecca for hunting, fishing, and foraging, ensuring you will bring the freshest meal to your dinner table.

Kaikōura is situated between the rugged seaward Kaikōura range and the pacific ocean, on the doorstep of excellent deer hunting and fishing in the deep blue sea. While there is a tonne of great activity here, we want to give you the inside scoop on our outside world.

Hunting is a long-stated past-time here in New Zealand, and Kaikōura should be a bucket-list destination for all who have the knowledge and experience. The Kaikōura region offers premier high-country alpine hunting. For those that love adventure, the hunting blocks are spread wide, and you can expect to see a mixture of red deer, chamois, wild pigs, and goats. The team at South Pacific Helicopters are experts in the area and regularly run trips to drop you deep into the New Zealand backcountry. Each pick-up and drop-off can be arranged from various locations, and the spacious machine can transport up to groups of six at a time.

If going bush isn't your thing, but you want to experience all that is hunting in our backyard, then look no further than a stay at Spey Creek. A lodge with hosts that boast everything from a good time to trophy hunting and delicious home-cooked meals around the table. This private ranch experience offers a variety of trophy hunting and customised hunts for each guest. Wake to a cooked breakfast in the comfort of an exceptionally created lodge and head out each day with your group into the privately-owned property in search of your hunting adventure.

Few places can boast of such natural wonders as Kaikōura, and the adventure does not stop on dry land. You may have heard about the ocean activity here in Kaikōura, and fishing charters sit firmly on that list.




Fishing with Top Catch Fishing Charters

A morning with Top Catch Fishing Charters will be an unforgettable experience during your visit. Setting sail at sunrise allows for calmer waters and passage to the scattered Cray Pots in the shallows. Pull up your first catch of the day as the sun peeks over the horizon, and start collecting your dinner early. Crayfish are famous in this town, and Malcolm knows how to cook one, so grab some recipe ideas on board. Cast your line and wait for the local blue cod & perch to grab hold. With the fish freshly filleted on board, you will leave this epic experience with your dinner for the next night or two or three! If you feel like dropping into Coopers Catch, the team will cook your fish to perfection, accompanied by some of the best chips in town.

Combine a fishing charter with the thrill and excitement of a free-range hunt on a stunning private reserve nearby. Professional guides will cater to any experience or skill level and provide a day you will never forget. The seaside town is peppered with fishing charter companies, and depending on the size of your group, the team at Kaikōura Fishing Tours & Charters and The Rodfather are worthy of your time,

Did you know that the Maori translation for Kaikoura is "to eat Crayfish"? Now we understand why locals and visitors continue to come here for the delicious eats. It's not all about getting out there and providing your own dinner. You can, of course, indulge in the food foraged by the local chefs and restauranteurs. You can't beat fresh food sourced directly from the ocean you will see during your entire visit, and we highly recommend the following eateries.

If you are after a beachside seafood feast, then sample the fish and chips from Coopers Catch. A kiwi pastime nestled deep in the culture of this land. Easy to find on the main street of town and best served with sunset views over the ocean.

King Tide restaurant is the new kid on the block who knows how to make a seafood feast. Think delicious garlic prawns, fish burgers, fresh seafood platters, squid, and a menu that moves with the seasons, flavours, and happenings in town. Don't forget to book a table. This place is popular.

The Hapuku Kitchen is focused on celebrating the abundance of incredible food and produce here in Kaikoura. You will not be disappointed if you join a hands-on cooking class, experience a private lesson, or drop in to feast on a seasonal evening meal. Hapuku Kitchen works hard to reconnect the land and sea.

Kaikōura is a mecca for adventure, whatever your adventure style.



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