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Kaikōura Cruise Ship Season 2019-2020

July 2019 Uncategorized

Kaikōura’s cruise ship season begins early this year starting off with the largest ship ‘The Maasdam’ docking the South Bay Marina on 3rd October 2019.

Not only will the cruise season start early, there will also be more ships visiting us between 2019 and 2020. This year there will be 13 cruise ships visiting Kaikōura that is 5 ships more than in our previous season. In terms of passengers there will be 1772 more passengers which is an increase of 38.62 % compared to last year’s cruise ship season.

Glenn Ormsby, General Manager Destination Kaikōura said, “We’re very pleased to see an increase in ships and passengers and we’re looking forward to the cruise ship season. The largest ship the Maasdam brings 1,258 passengers and 580 crew members to Kaikōura. Passengers can spend the day to enjoy the town’s beautiful vistas, walks, local shops & restaurants, marine wildlife and will partake in several different ocean and land-based activities.”

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