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Kaikōura Visitor Spend Trends YE January 2019

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Kaikōura Visitor Spend Trends YE January 2019

Year-end January 2019 figures ($113m) compared to YE January 2016 ($113m) shows Kaikōura has met pre-earthquake total annual visitor spend. In fact, it has exceeded visitor spend by 4%. This references YE Jan 2019 total annual visitor spend at $112,999m compared to YE Jan 2016 total annual visitor spend of $112,572m. The strong rebound of the domestic market and international markets such as Rest of Europe, Germany, UK and USA has driven this result.

Kaikōura’s results YE Jan 2019 now show the region has exceeded total annual pre-quake visitor spend. A great result.

Kaikōura annual international visitor spend between 2013-2019. As at YE January 2019 ($57m), annual international visitor spend is only $4million behind the previous year high of $61m in YE Jan 2016.

International visitor spend YE January 2019 shows a particularly strong recovery with the Rest of Europe market ($12m) and Germany ($10m) exceeding pre-quake YE Jan 2016 visitor spend value. The UK ($10m) and USA ($6m) only slightly behind pre-quake visitor spend. The Australia ($7m) market is now tracking along similar visitor spend values YE Jan 2019 compared to YE Jan 2016.

Domestic visitor spend has been remarkable. YE January 2019 annual domestic visitor spend was $56million which exceeds the former high in 2016 of $51million.

The month of January 2019 ($19m) exceeded pre-quake Jan 2016 ($18m) monthly visitor spend.

When looking at visitor spend on a per product category basis, YE Jan 2019 results show a good rebound to pre-quake spend in the accommodation and retail other spend categories with culture, recreation and gambling, retail food and beverage service outlets slightly behind YE Jan spend values.

The categories of other passenger transport, other tourism product, retail alcohol food and beverage, retail fuel and automotive products have exceeded pre-quake Jan 2016 spend values.

When looking at areas where visitor spent on a product category basis, 56% of total annual visitor spend is spent in the retail sector, 21% is spent in the accommodation sector, 12% spent in culture, recreation, gambling (includes activities and attractions) and 10% is spent in other passenger transport.

Kaikōura Commercial Accommodation Monitor (CAM) Statistics YE Oct 2018

In looking at YE December 2018 total guest nights, guest arrival, length of stay and occupancy rates, the results comparing YE December 2016 are helpful. Kaikōura is seeing a good recovery with these results.

  • Annual Guest nights up 9.5%
  • Annual Guest arrivals up 0.1%
  • Annual average length of stay is up 8.0%
  • Annual average occupancy % is up 31.6%

The good results comparing YE Dec 2018 to YE Dec 2016 for length of stay and occupancy will be due to continued presence of NCTIR workers in Kaikōura. Once the enhancement work on SH1 is completed (late 2019) it is expected that annual length of stay and occupancy may plateau or revert to pre-quake values until the Kaikōura Sudima Hotel comes online.

YE Dec 2016, 24 properties submitting data. YE Dec 2017, 33 properties submitted data. YE Dec 2018 there were 35 properties submitting data.

Table 1.0 provides a summary comparing YE Dec 2018 to YE Dec 2017 and YE Dec 2016 CAM visitor stats.

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