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Air Kaikoura (Kai Aero Club)

price$110-$0 (NZD)

Scenic flight around the Kaikoura Peninsula, heading north following the coastline. View the changes to the landscape caused by the recent earthquake, return via the stunning Kaikoura Seaward Ranges, flights customised to length and locations of your choice.

Category ** FLIGHT TRAINING **

**PILOT-A-PLANE** $120
- 20 minutes of freedom
- Hands on experience
- You are the Pilot!
- No experience required
- Professional Instructor with you all the way

**3 FLIGHT PACKAGE** $350 1 day

So you liked the trial flight.....

- Full briefings
- Effects of controls
- Straight and level
- Climbing and descending
- Medium turns
- Flight Certificate

**SOLO PACKAGE** From $2,500, full time for 2 weeks
- Full briefings/approx 17 lessons
- Log Book
- 20 flights
- First Solo
- Solo Certificate

**PRIVATE PILOT** From $12,500 approx 3 months
- All briefings
- First solo
- Log Book
- All Lectures/6 Ground Exams

- Flight Test
- All landing fees at Kaikoura
- Approx 100 lessons

Helpful information Hours: 9am - 5pm. Outside those hours as required. Directions: Based at the Kaikoura Airport. In the Grey building with white fences. 6km south of Kaikoura Town on State Highway 1 between Kaikoura and Christchurch.
Contact information
Peketa RD2 Kaikoura
pMurray Hamilton
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