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Kaikōura Visitor Spend Trends YE August 2019

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Kaikōura Visitor Spend Trends YE August 2019

Source: MBIE Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates, Year-end August 2019.

Comparing Kaikōura Annual visitor spend YE August 2019 to pre-quake YE August 2016.

  • Kaikōura Annual Total Visitor Spend up 0.6%
  • Kaikōura Annual Domestic Visitor Spend up 9.3%
  • Kaikōura Annual International Visitor Spend -6.3%

Looking at the Kaikōura annual visitor spend trends, YE August 2019 shows a total spend of $121m, which is an increase of 0.6% compared to $120m pre-quake August 2016.

The visitor statistics from Year- end August 2019 showed that we exceeded pre-earthquake figures already. Although the latest stats show that the international market are still slightly behind pre-quake -6.3%, these markets are performing well with strong growth of 22.6% over the last twelve months. 

Domestic visitor spend has rebounded well and has now exceeded pre-quake spend with 9.3% growth, which has contributed to drive up total annual visitor spend growth of 0.6% YE August 2019.

 Graph 1.0 Kaikōura Annual Visitor Spend $M YE August 2014- 2019

YE August 2019 international visitor spend was $63m which is $4m slightly behind the high of $67m in YE August 2016. We’ve seen an upward trend for Kaikōura annual international visitor spend over the past 12-months which is encouraging. 

The UK ($11m), Germany ($11m) and Europe ($13) markets continue to exceed pre-quake visitor spend. USA & Canada are back to pre-quake ($8m) visitor spend values and Australia ($7m) is only slightly behind pre-quake and has seen growth over the past 12 months. Although the China market is still yet to return to pre-quake visitor spend values, we’re spend from Korea and Africa & the Middle East on the rise.

Graph 2.0 Kaikōura Annual International Visitor Spend YE August 2014 – 2019

Domestic visitor spend YE August 2019 was $58 million which exceeded the former high in 2016 of $53 million with an increase of 9.4%. Over the past twelve months, domestic spend increased by 15.1%. 

Graph 3.0 Kaikoura Annual Domestic Visitor Spend $M YE August 2014 – 2019

Graph 4.0 Kaikoura International & Domestic Annual Visitor spend $M YE August 2014 - 2019

pastedGraphic.pngCommercial Accommodation Monitor (CAM) Trends YE July 2019

Source: Statistics NZ, Commercial Accommodation Monitor, Year-end July 2019. 

YE July 2019 CAM guest nights (-3,0%) and guest arrivals (-6,1%) are still slightly behind pre-quake but there has been good growth over the past twelve months. 

Table 1.0 CAM Statistics YE July 2016-2019

Graph 5.0 shows guest arrivals and guest nights YE July 2016 – YE July 2019. 

Graph 5.0 Kaikōura Annual Guest Nights & Guest Arrivals (000’s) YE July 2016-2018

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