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$90-$130 (NZD)
Kaikoura Marine Tours
View Fur Seals as they frolic and swim close to the boat. See Albatross as they spread their enormous wings and take flight. Experience the excitement of fishing for your dinner. Then relax on board our boat as we journey along breathtaking ...
$95-$175 (NZD)
Dolphin Encounter
In amongst the varied and vibrant sea life found off Kaikoura is the spectacular dusky dolphin, found in pods of up to several hundred strong and one of the most delightfully exuberant characters of the Southern Ocean. Dolphin Encounter operates ...
$75-$150 (NZD)
Air Kaikoura (Kai Aero Club)
** WHALE WATCH FLIGHTS ** View the mighty sperm whale, the largest toothed whale in the world, from the comfort of an aircraft. Typical flights are 30 minute duration over the Kaikoura sea canyon which is situated just off shore, at a depth ranging ...
$60-$125 (NZD)
Albatross Encounter
Albatross Encounter, is a well established pelagic boat tour operating from the seaside township of Kaikoura. Kaikoura is the pelagic seabird capital of New Zealand with a large range of species, including many species of albatross, just 15 minutes ...
Kaikoura Farm Park
Enjoy a truly memorable day out, enjoyed by families, children and adults of all ages. Get up close and meet, cuddle, stroke and hand-feed our 150+ free roaming Farm Yard animals (llamas, goats, Bambi, chickens, geese, ducks, pigs, emus, miniature ...
$4-$20 (NZD)
Kaikoura Marine Centre & Aquarium
CLOSED FOR THE SEASON 2016/2017. The Kaikoura marine aquarium has a lot to offer. $8 adults $4 children $6 seniors and students, family pass $20 entry fee. Open 7 days.... ...
$33-$99 (NZD)
Kaikoura Llama Trekking
Rated TOP TEN IN THE WORLD - Bootsnall Travel Guides. Enjoy a relaxing Llama Trek, leading your own llama. Choose from: Half-day (most popular), or 1hr Taster. Spectacular mountain scenery & easy walking. HALF-DAY Llama Trek - FIVE tours in one: 1 - ...
$350-$650 (NZD)
South Pacific Whale Watch
WHALE WATCH EXPERIENCES Come and fly with South Pacific Whale Watch for that unique perspective only we can provide. “The Wild is closer than you think” Flights from 30mins to 60mins. Why fly with South Pacific Whale Watch? * South Pacific Whale ...
$60-$150 (NZD)
Whale Watch Kaikoura
UNFORGETTABLE – Whale Watching Off the Kaikoura coastline is a marine environment so rich in nutrients that it attracts some of the most magnificent creatures with which we share our planet. Among them are Giant Sperm Whales that can grow up to 20 ...