... from the air © Photographer: Dennis Buurman /
Don't be deceived, there's more to Kaikoura than marine life!!

A destination for all seasons, Kaikoura offers activities for everyone.

Whether you enjoy just soaking up the surrounding beauty, walking the shores or more active pursuits, there's plenty to see and do in Kaikoura on land, by sea, or in the air!

Sperm Whale diving into the depths off the Kaikoura coast © Photographer: Dennis Buurman /

Local tour operators offer the chance to watch whales, dolphins, sea-birds and many other species of marine life on a daily basis; by boat, flight and by land. With wetsuits provided, visitors can even join dolphins and seals in their ocean environment.

Kaikoura is renowned for its great fishing grounds, which anyone can enjoy by boat with a local fishing guide.  Experience scuba diving the undersea world for some of the best reef diving in the country, or kayaking around the ruggedly beautiful Peninsula. 

In the air visitors can view the breath-taking Kaikoura Mountains from above, and fly over the rocky peninsula and seaside township. Maybe even land atop a snow capped Mt Fyffe and look down to the coast 5000 ft below. Or take the controls of a small aircraft with the local Aero Club - no experience needed!

 Provides access to several NZ Fur Seal colonies and is the most popular half-day track in the country  © Photographer: Dennis Buurman /

Back on land an excellent range of activities awaits visitors, ranging from four wheel motor biking, horse trekking and hunting, to star-gazing, wine tasting or experiencing Maori hospitality.  Check out the local scenic and historical sites, including the stunning Maori Leap Cave.

For those who enjoy walking, the Kaikoura area offers walks for all tastes and levels of fitness, ranging from thirty minutes duration, to half and full day tracks and more energetic tramps and climbs.