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How to help

While staying in Kaikoura help us to look after our environment by doing the following:

1. Recycle your waste; recycle plastic, paper, aluminium and glass in the facilities along the Esplanade or at your accommodation.

2. Please don’t drop rubbish; instead use the bins.

3. Reduce the energy you use; remember to turn of the lights in your accommodation when you're not there for example or hire a bike and cycle around Kaikoura instead of using your car.

4. Buy a Tree from Trees for Travellers; contribute to offsetting greenhouse gas emission and beautify and area of Kaikoura.

5. Don’t pick plants or flowers in our forests.

6. Enjoy our marine life but don’t get too close and disturb them.

7. Don’t over fish the waters; find out the rules for fish and shellfish quotas and stick to them!

8. Buy from Kaikoura shops and local products and remember to reduce the packaging if possible and use reusable bags not plastic.

9.Make sure you turn off the tap after using it - conserve our precious water supplies.

10. Use biodegradable products such as washing up liquid.

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