Commitment to a sustainable community

Kaikoura District Council Kaikoura District Council's aim is to sustain the social, economic and environmental well being of the community now and for future generations.

Kaikoura is a unique community, with dramatic mountains and deep-sea trenches, making Kaikoura an important tourist destination. It is our challenge to protect this distinctive environment for both the visitors to our district and the resident population and our aim is to manage the district in a sustainable manner. To further this aim, Kaikoura through the Kaikoura District Council has committed itself to achieving and retaining Earthcheck certification.

To assist Kaikoura towards becoming a sustainable Community, Kaikoura District Council will:


  • Commit to continually improving the Earthcheck benchmark indicators and to recording and supplying this information annually to Earthcheck;
  • Take into account all relevant international, national, regional and local environmental and sustainable legislation, strategies, agreements, policies and treaties;
  • Commit itself to Community participation in achieving local sustainable performance outcomes and to working with any relevant organisation, group or individual and form partnerships to further its sustainability aims;
  • Communicate this and other environmental policies and actions to council stakeholders, its staff and the Community and raise their environmental awareness by providing information on and encouraging environmentally sustainable practises;
  • Work with Kaikoura’s tourism sector to monitor the Community’s environmental and social performance and ensure that those individuals and companies responsible for adverse environmental impacts take corrective action to correct the situation.
  • Is committed to employing Community based people or people living in nearby communities, if their skills exceed or are equal to those required by the vacant position;
  • Adopt best practical options to eliminate or at least reduce adverse effects on the environment resulting from council’s activities;
  • Prevent pollution, reduce waste and consumption and commit to recycling and reuse, use energy and water efficiently and minimise greenhouse gas emissions
  • Encourage the protection of ecosystems and expansion of biodiversity and protect and enhance the open spaces, water, trees and heritage buildings and other items in councils ownership;
  • Make sustainable use of natural resources and conserve non-renewable resources through efficient use and planning
  • Endeavour to source goods and services with origins as close as possible to the local Community to reduce the impact of moving goods and services from further a field
  • Work with contractors and consultants involved in the Council’s activities to ensure that their activities and practices are sustainable and integrate with those of Kaikoura District Council;
  • Incorporate environmental performance standards and/or give positive weight to those contractors who have environmental management systems in place, in contracts and service level agreements, within legislative constraints;


This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis;


Stuart Grant

Chief Executive Officer

February 2011