What you can do to help?

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When you are out and about use the public recycling bins located through out the town. Visit our Resource Recovery Centre where you can recycle, dispose and shop at the recycle centre.

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Purchase a native tree which will be planted in Kaikoura as a lasting memento of your visit and will make a positive contribution to the environment.

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Do not leave litter of any sort. Use the public toilets. Follow fish quotas and size limits. Keep your distance from marine mammals and remember they are wild animals not pets.

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Support suppliers that use less packaging and offer biodegradable alternatives. Say no to plastic and buy one of our eco bags. Shop locally and support our small businesses. Conserve resources eg. use water sparingly and turn lights off when not required.



A sustainable community

Kaikoura is the first community in New Zealand and second in the world to achieve Benchmark status in 2002 and certification status in 2004 through the EarthCheck program. EarthCheck, is the world's only truly global tourism certification standard and arose from the principles of Agenda 21 (the United Nations action for climate change). It aspires to be a system that responds to the major environmental problems facing the planet as well as seeking to achieve -environmental , social and cultural improvements at a global, national and international level.

EarthCheck is the "umbrella" under which our environment initiatives take place, the following are examples of initiatives occurring in Kaikoura. In some cases these have been taking place for a number of years, EarthCheck providing a framework into which they can fit and facilitating independant auditing that identifies that Kaikoura's community cares about its environment and is taking steps to protect it. See also Kaikoura District Council website www.kaikoura.govt.nz

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  • Zero Waste: . More information >>  
  • Energy efficiency initiatives
  • Community for Climate Protection
  • Trees for Travellers:   More information >>  
  • Lyell Creek Stream Care Group: Te Korowai o Te Tai o Marokura:  
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  • Kaikoura Marine & Coastal Protection Society
  • Biodiversity project
  • Working with business
  • Trash to Fashion Show
  • International conservation working holiday
  • Fantastic no Plastic